After sales and periodic services are based on sensitivity and operation of furnaces.

Efficient and experienced personnel are active in this section and provide customers with round the clock services.

Among the most important sections of the machines which require special services are:

A) Mechanical parts such as fans, motors, gearboxes, mesh belts, conveyors,

hydraulic and power pack systems, pneumatic systems and moving mechanisms

B) Electrical parts such as electrical panel, PLC, instruments such as thermocouples,

pressure sensors, ...

C) Insulating and refractory materials including preparation of different dies for recasting of refractory parts,

revamping the insulating parts, optimizing the efficiency of the furnace, …

The characteristic of ATBIN Group after sales services is to provide round the clock services

in the shortest time in order to make the stoppage of the production line of the customers to its possible minimum level.

High Capacity Furnaces

Medium Capacity Furnaces

Low Capacity Furnaces

Field Instruments

Automation & Control Equipments

Thermocouples & Sensors

Industrial Controllers & Meters

With over two decades of experience and 300 employees, ATBIN Industrial Group is one of the pioneers in the region's heat treatment industries.