Pit Type Furnaces


• General heat treatment and atmosphere controlled heat treatment such as Annealing, Brazing, Sintering,...

Technical Specifications:
   • Refractory ceramic boards
   • Multi-layer insulations
   • Easy loading and loadable by on-unit cranes
   • Rotating door for internal space for minimum thermal loss
   • Smooth vertical motion of furnace on two metal columns
   • Excellent uniformity
   • Electronic control system with thyristor
   • Without causing disturbing harmonies in the power network
   • Over temperature protection



Technical Specifications of Atmosphere Control 
Pit Type Furnaces:
   • Super alloy retort
   • Cylinder-shape retort design with curved celling and special 
   • Long life and maximum efficiency and high retort change speed
   • Completely sealed retort
   • Equipped with water cooling for sealing system
   • Possibility of special design under vaccum


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