Atmosphere Controlled & Vacuum Furnaces


Vacuum & Inert Gas Protective Atmosphere Furnaces

● For variety of heat treatment processes under protective atmosphere 
   to omit surface oxidation or parts color change
● In different types: Top-loading, Front-loading, Pit type and Bell type
● Maximum operating temperature of 1250°C under Ar/N2 protective atmosphere
● Adjustable heating and cooling rate 
● Air/Gas blowing cooling stations
● Non destructive tests (NDT) to control the welding quality of the sealed chamber
● The chamber is made of special formed sheets for vacuum applications
● Flow control and pressure adjustment of the inlet gas

 Main applications:

  - Bright annealing of finished parts under reducing atmosphere
  - Hardening of steel parts

44_2 AIR150

Mesh belt Continuous Furnaces

● Maximum operating temperature of 900°C
● Equipped with Endothermic gas generator for protection of the parts surfaces
   against oxidation 
● Preheating, heating and soaking zones
● Heat resistant steel mesh belt 
● Equipped with all necessary alarms and safety systems for Endothermic gas
● Both water and oil quench tanks
● Heating and cooling systems for exact adjustment of quench temperature

● Charge and discharge system for quench tank


High Capacity Furnaces

Medium Capacity Furnaces

Low Capacity Furnaces

Field Instruments

Automation & Control Equipments

Thermocouples & Sensors

Industrial Controllers & Meters

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