High Temperature Furnaces

Technical Data

Applications:                    Suitable for wide variety of applications such as research laboratories,

                                      cement industry, ceramics, composites, sintering of refractory materials,... 

Type:                              Front loading with parallelogram type door movement or elevator hearth

Max. temperature:           1600°C, 1700°C, 1800°C

Heating Element Type:     High-quality MoSi2 heating elements

Inner chamber and door:  High grade insulating ceramics boards

Thermocouple:                Type B thermocouple

Loading:                         On the bottom of the furnace/ bogie hearth furnace

Power system:                 Zero cross switching system by triac and thyristor and without any disturbing harmonics

Safety system:                Over-temperature limit controller with sonic alarm




● Low weight and compact design 

● Minimum thermal loss and low power consumption 

● Improved temperature uniformity in high temperature applications

● Two layered insulation for low external temperature and stability 

● Fast heat up and short cooling down period 

● Optional protective gas connection on the wall of furnace for inert gases (Ar, N2, …)

   / reducing or oxidizing atmosphere




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